Welcome to RetinalGeniX

Our mission is the prevention of blindness and the early detection and treatment of multiple systemic and ocular diseases

Pharmaco-Genetic Mapping ™

Proprietary RetinalGeniX DNA/RNA GPS™ to screen, monitor, profile data, and create diagnostic markers for systemic and retinal disorders.

24/7 Remote Monitoring From Anywhere

24/7 real-time physician and patient alert. High-resolution retinal in-home and remote monitoring (retinal and eye imaging system). Planned to be available through a wide variety of networks, locations (kiosks) and healthcare providers.

Cost-effective High-Resolution Retinal Mass Screening Device

Cost-effective high-resolution retinal mass screening device without dilation of the pupil for ocular diseases, neuro-degenerative disorders, cardiovascular, vascular, metabolic, and diabetes.

Clinical Drug Development

Enhancing the portfolio of drugs and investigating alternative uses with focuses on drug validation, drug efficacy and drug safety.

"The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden..."

The retina reflects the earliest changes in neuro-degenerative disease, vascular, metabolic, brain functions, and blindness because the eyes are a direct extension of the brain through the optic nerve. Abnormalities found within the blood vessels may signal similar changes that eventually could develop in other parts of the body.