About & Mission

The prevention of blindness and the early detection and treatment of multiple systemic and ocular diseases.

Vision loss statistics

What we offer

RetinalGeniX is an ophthalmic research and development company focused on developing High-Resolution Retinal Imaging and Pharmaco-Genetic Mapping™ technologies intended to prevent blindness through the early detection and treatment of ocular diseases and also to detect initial physiological changes that could indicate possible future systemic disease including neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, vascular, metabolic, and diabetic conditions.

Chronic Systemic Diseases

The World Health Organization said that the increasing toll of Non-Communicable Diseases meant that if the trend were to continue, by around 2050, chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and respiratory illnesses – will account for 86 per cent of the 90 million deaths each year: a staggering 90 per cent increase in absolute numbers, since 2019.

Our Progress

  • 2024

    NASDAQ Uplisting

    Phase II clinical trials
  • 2023

    Patent granted for Patient Home Monitoring and Physician Alert System for Ocular Anatomy

    Filed 2 preliminary patents for drugs RGT 2023 and RGT 2024

    Added Interim CFO Virender Ahluwalia CRO hired Avania

    Added Fred Chasalow Ph.D. therapeutic drug selection and development

    Added Herbert Gould, MD to oversee contact lens development

    Added Dessy Boneva MD, FACS to Board of Directors

    Institutional Review Board process approved
  • 2022

    Listed on the OTCQB market

    Added Vinay Mehindru, MD, MBA to board of directors

    Acquired DNA/GPS Inc

    Added Dr. Perich to medical advisory board
  • 2021

    Obtained license agreement for retinal technologies

    Filed S-1 (OTC:RTGN)
  • 2020

    Doubled ophthalmic engineering team
  • 2019

    Opened HQ and lab

    6 ophthalmic medical advisors added

    Contract manufacturing agreement (ADM Tronics)

    Added ophthalmic engineering team
  • 2017

    3 Patent Awards for Visualization of Eye Anatomy

    4 Trademarks for RetinalGeniX Including DNA/GPS, RNA/GPS