RetinalCam™ Home Monitoring and Physician Alert System

A patient home monitoring, imaging system with physician alert for the monitoring by patients themselves. These patients are considered at high risk for loss of sight and blindness. Immediate intervention is needed in various disorders such as diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macula edema, macular degeneration (Wet & Dry), neurologic disorders, optic neuritis, hemorrhage, stroke vascular disorders, cancer, and other pathologies. Once identified by their physician, continuous home monitoring becomes not only possible but sight-saving. The RetinalCam™ can be used by patients identified by physicians in many specialties.

The Home Monitoring Market is in its infancy involving Telehealth physician groups. It has never been implemented with the patient actually monitoring themselves in real-time communications with their physicians. Operated by the patient and linked with a physician alert system, it will now be available in real-time, directly from the patient’s home. FDA Clearance is not required.

Target: Telehealth patients. Patients identified as being “at risk”, disabled, or living far from health care facilities. Neurological disease (Alzheimer’s by inclusion of beta amyloids in the periphery.

Both the RetinalGeniX Imaging System and the Patient Home Monitoring and Physician Alert System are patented, proprietary, and first to market.

Factual Summary justifying the need for the RetinalGeniX Imaging System and the Patient Home Monitoring and Physician Alert System.

  • The most feared complication of DM is Blindness. Worldwide 500 Million patients are afflicted with Diabetic Maculopathy.
  • There are insufficient eye care professionals worldwide to screen, examine, diagnose, and treat the current load of Diabetic patients.
  • Obesity and Diabetes are associated with over One Billion afflicted with obesity alone and 500 Million with DM alone, worldwide with no end in sight!
  • The economics of the need to effectively screen patients for DM and prevent blindness are staggering.