Virender Ahluwalia, MBA

Interim CFO
Virender Ahluwalia

About Virender Ahluwalia

Virender Ahluwalia has established a sterling track record in nurturing companies and spearheading strategy, finance, business development, and operational management across a spectrum of business stages, including early-stage startups, high-growth companies, pre-IPO businesses, Fortune 500 giants, and companies in need of revitalization. His strategic leadership has been instrumental in steering high-growth organizations to success, underscored by their adeptness in securing substantial funding, with over $300 million raised from venture capitalists, banks, and similar financial entities.

Ahluwalia’s financial acumen and leadership prowess culminated in significant roles such as CFO at RC Global, Inc., which achieved successful acquisition under their financial stewardship, and as Executive Vice President of Finance at Singularity Education Group. They also played a pivotal role as CFO and Senior Vice President of Business Operations at Shutterfly, Inc. Academic achievements include an MBA with a specialization in Finance from Northeastern University, a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the National Institute of Technology at Kurukshetra University, and a CPIM certification. Complementing their corporate endeavors, they are a dedicated mentor and advisor, sharing insights on entrepreneurship and impact at the Founder’s Institute, StartYouUp Ventures, SANA Health, and Novasys Medical, guiding new ventures and medical innovations towards tangible impact.