Ahmed Mohiuddin, MD, MACC

Medical Advisor
Ahmed Mohiuddin

About Dr. Ahmed Mohiuddin

Ahmed Mohiuddin, MD, MACC, brings an international perspective with his vast experience in cardiology. As Chairman and CEO of the New England Heart Center and affiliated with prominent Harvard Medical School hospitals, he embodies a blend of clinical excellence and visionary leadership. His pioneering work in telemedicine and advisory roles to governments worldwide showcase his commitment to global healthcare advancement.

Dr. Mohiuddin’s has held many positions, including Chairman and CEO of the New England Heart Center and President of its foundation, Chairman and President of the Medical Center of Boston International, and Chairman and Chief Emeritus of Cardiology at the New England Baptist Hospital Boston and has been a member of numerous councils at Harvard University. Together with his role as an advisor for RetinalGeniX highlights his commitment to advancing medical technology. His international recognition as a cardiologist, treating patients from diverse countries, adds a valuable dimension to RetinalGeniX’s mission in global health innovation.