Marguerite B. McDonald, MD, FACS

Medical Advisor
Marguerite B. McDonald (1)

About Dr. Marguerite B. McDonald

Marguerite B. McDonald, a renowned figure in ophthalmology, serves as a Medical Advisor at RetinalGeniX. Celebrated for performing one of the first laser corrections of the human eye in 1994, Dr. McDonald has been a pioneer in laser refractive procedures and ocular surface disease. With her extensive global presence, she has shared her knowledge through nearly 600 presentations and contributions to over 80 textbooks.

Dr. McDonald’s affiliations with prestigious institutions like NYU Langone Medical Center and Tulane University Health Sciences Center, along with her accolades including the Visionary Woman Award and multiple nominations for woman of the year in ophthalmology, highlight her impactful career. Her contributions to ophthalmology are not only groundbreaking but also a source of inspiration in the field.