RetinalGeniX™ Technologies Announces RetinalCam™ a Home Monitoring & Physician Alert System

PETALUMA, Calif., October 27, 2020 /PR NEWSWIRE/ – RetinalGeniX™ Technologies, Inc. announced today the launch of its RetinalCam™ Home Monitoring & Physician Alert System.

The First In-Home Self-Monitoring Physician Visual Alert Device with Real-Time Imaging of the Central Retina Including Streaming Video to the Physician.

The RetinalCam™ is an entirely new type of Ophthalmic device that will allow high-risk individuals to transmit digital images and streaming video to their doctor, easily from their home. The patented, affordable device is planned to be the first of its kind and first to market.

The percentage of our GDP associated with healthcare has risen to an astonishing 18% and is projected to increase 1% annually. Our current healthcare system is stressed, bordering on bankruptcy. With shortages of doctors looming, we can no longer wait to treat potentially preventable disorders that are diagnosed too late at a cost that is overwhelming the healthcare system. The possibility of lost sight may become a costly and irreversible event.

Regular central retina monitoring with the RetinalCam™ Home Monitoring & Physician Alert System will be extremely valuable for high-risk individuals, whose risk factors include: obesity, earliest signs of diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, macular degeneration, neurological disorders, ocular tumors, physical disabilities, Covid-19, and weakened immune systems. The system will also allow seniors living in less populated, distant areas to have the regular eye and health care that is easier for others to obtain. Pertinent patient information can be made available for the physician to reference for comparisons. There are numerous systemic diseases that can be monitored with advanced retinal monitoring.

As telehealth has been validated and incorporated into Medical practice worldwide, Home Monitoring by the patient directly is now possible and is a new direction in Vision care/Healthcare. It allows the patient to notify the doctor 24/7 when any real time central visual (macula) change may occur. Immediate direct notification by the patient to the physician with live visually observable ocular, and retinal images can prevent blindness or a worsening of the patient’s ocular health when made available at inception of a visual change. This is in contrast to the patient making an appointment weeks after a sight changing event has occurred and where intervention becomes too late. This new patient home monitoring alert technology and data transmission from the patient to the doctor in real-time can now directly prevent loss of vision and or blindness especially in high-risk patients where timing may be critical.

Jerry Katzman, MD, Chairman, President, and CEO of RetinalGeniX™ Technologies, Inc. stated, “Many patients can learn to shift and share responsibility for their healthcare, be aware of their own bodies and provide real-time data for their health care providers when needed. The era of telehealth has arrived, just in time for those who need it the most.”
The Company’s mission is the Prevention of Blindness Through Mass Retinal Screening and Patient Home Monitoring
Throughout the World. The patient to doctor alert imaging system with real time access, 24/7, directly from the patient’s home, will be first to market for the patented new technology!

Designed and developed in Petaluma, California, RetinalCam™ Home Monitoring & Physician Alert System will be manufactured in the USA by ADM Tronics (ADMT) of Northvale, New Jersey, a 50-year-old publicly held engineering and innovative, ISO 13485 Certified, manufacturing company. ADMT manufactures medical devices in diverse fields of medicine.
Marketing, sales and distribution is through our USA partner, Diopsys, Inc. Diopsys is the world leader in modern visual electrophysiology medical devices that help eye care professionals analyze the entire visual pathway for visual and neuro-visual disorders.

RetinalGeniX™ Technologies, Inc.
Jerry Katzman, MD, Chairman, President, and CEO
+1 415.578.9583