Vinay Mehindru, MD, MBA

Vinay Mehindru

About Dr. Vinay Mehindru

Vinay Mehindru, MD, MBA, Medical Advisor at RetinalGeniX, is a physician executive with over 25 years in healthcare, specializing in population health and physician performance management. Starting his academic journey early at age 14 and graduating from medical school at 21, Dr. Mehindru completed his Residencies in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic and the University of Florida, respectively, and an MBA with honors from the University of Texas.

His professional trajectory includes working in a Level Two trauma center, instructing in Advanced Cardiovascular and Pediatric Advanced Life Support, and leading a hospitalist program at AdventHealth Waterman. Dr. Mehindru’s dedication to patient outcomes led him to manage a significant population health initiative, encompassing various health plans. His efforts in health and wellness innovations are pivotal in advancing healthcare access and quality.